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China Luxury Summit 2018

After 40 years rapid development of reform and opening up, China's economy has changed from quantity to quality, gained remarkable achievements and become the main driving force of global economic development. In the new era, the consumption psychology of Chinese luxury consumers becomes more mature, and the demand for a higher quality life becomes increasingly spread. China's domestic market will become the world's most important retail market for luxury goods, due to reduction of price gap, sharp falling of import tariffs, rise of Millennial and Gen Z consumers, and strict controls of Daigou (overseas procurement service) by government etc. According to the statistics of 2017, Chinese consumers accounted for the global luxury goods consumption of 32%, forecasting it will reach the global level of 44% in 2025, with 8% to 10% annual growth rate.

In the new retail era, the Chinese government slashed tariffs on imported consumption goods and expanded the category and quantity of imports, to encourage more consumption to stay in the country. Comparing to the traditional luxury consumers, the Millennials and Gen Z are more opinionated and self-confident, more proficient in digital technology, more true to the inner feelings and experience, instead of others' view to them. They have a different definition and understanding of "Luxurious Lifestyle". However, due to traditional enterprise organizational structure, marketing method, and product supply chain system etc., most luxury brand companies have obviously not kept pace with the rapidly changing demand of market and consumers. Brands have shifted from the stages of past rapid expansion of stores, to the present need for intensive management. In this context, how to make good use of digital social media to fully interact with consumers to tell them about good brand and product stories? How to optimize the organizational structure, upgrade the talent team, improve operational efficiency? How to build an efficient and collaborative supply chain and perfect logistics information system, and optimize online and offline integration? How to provide best shopping experience for consumers with the seamless connection between online and offline? All these factors have become the key to brand sustainable development and market competitiveness in the future.Read more...


Eminent Speakers

Swarovski, Global VP Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility

International Fur Federation, Global CEO

Kering Asia Pacific, VP of Human Resources

Farfetch, VP Commercial Greater China

Focus Media Group,Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Information Officer

Secoo,International C.E.O. and Group C.S.O.

WOO, Founder and CEO

Agility Research & Strategy, Director

Reuter Communications, Founder and CEO

Welcome Chinese, Founder and CEO

Remy Cointreau, HR Director-Greater China

Motion Global, Head of Human Resources

Creative Capital, Founder and CEO etc.

















Key Highlights of Event

Most Influential Business Platform for China's Luxury and Fashion Industry Communication and Cooperation

12+ Authoritive Speakers, 80+ Luxury Brand Executives, 120+ Luxury Industry Elites Coming on Board

Exploring Redefinition of Luxury Industry and Brand Sustainable Development at New Retail Era

Depth Analysis of Marketing Mode Innovation and Development of Social Digital Commerce, Optimization of Organizational Structure and Talent Resource Management

Updated Introduction of Digital Information Technology Application, and Supply Chain Innovation and Upgrade at O2O Era


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